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About Us / FAQ

We provide an ongoing program of weekday & weekend activities appropriate to the needs, capabilities, and interests of the resident. The activity program is geared to promote healthy psychological personalities & to preserve a resident’s self worth and dignity

Managed Care

In conjunction with the State of Hawaii
Med-QUEST Division, Nuuanu Hale has signed contracts with UnitedHealthcare Community Plan, an affiliate of UnitedHealth Group and ‘Ohana Health Plan, a subsidiary of WellCare.  These two health plan organizations were approved by QUEST Expanded Access (QExA) to manage the health care needs of our elderly and disabled members effective November 1, 2008.

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours are open and you can visit your loved ones at anytime.


Office Hours are 7:30am – 4pm


We provide an ongoing program of weekday & weekend activities appropriate to the needs, capabilities, and interests of the resident.  The activity program is geared to promote healthy psychological personalities & to preserve a resident’s self worth and dignity by encouraging a continuity of his/her prior lifestyle.  Activities include:  recreational games, arts/crafts, community or outside 

Social Services

Our facility provide medically related social services to enable residents to attain or maintain their highest practicable level of physical, mental and psychosocial well-being.

Providing the Best Nursing Care

We provide total nursing care, including restorative nursing measures to the resident, and will coordinate nursing service with other resident care services directed toward assisting the resident to achieve and maintain his/her optimum level of self care and independence.  At least one registered professional nurse is on duty at all times.  Licensed nurses and certified nurses aides are on duty 24 hours a day.


Meals are prepared meals according to the nutritional needs of the residents.  We also have a dietary consultant who comes in to help address dietary and nutritional needs of our residents.


Meals are served as follows:


Breakfast ~ 6:45 am

Lunch ~ 10:45 am

Dinner ~ 4:45 am


Snacks and nourishments are also served 

Resident & Family Council Meetings

Resident council meetings are held regularly.The purpose of these meetings is for the residents to voice their opinions, concerns, or needs with the facility.  Family council meetings are available upon request.

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